On Consistency and Hardships

As Salamu Alaykum hi :) Part 1: Consistency I don’t know if it’s only me, but when I get that drive to do better, I start thinking of a million things to do. Scratch that, I know it’s not only me. It could be anything at all, from sleeping early, to eating properly, to the ‘big’ things. Honestly big or small depends on who you are and how much it matters to you. I’m getting to my point, relaxxxx. What I’m trying to say is that when you get that drive, that push, the first thing you actually need to do (and I’m speaking to myself first) is pause. Like yeah, I’ve been slacking in this particular area (one thing at a time because starting too much at once will exhaust you, trust me when I say this) but now I have the drive to do better because I know I’m capable. Speaking of drive, motivation or whatever you call it, it won’t always be there. The rush you feel would probably only happen at the beginning. With time, it might turn to the opposite. I don’t know what the opposite is but I know you get. My point is (finally lol), when you get that drive please take a pause and ask yourself “even on days where I won’t have any motivation at all, days where I won’t have the energy to do anything at all, days where simply existing feels like an actual job I have to put effort into, what is the little I will do?” You’ll realize that it’s something so small but that’s very okay. What matters is that you’re consistent even when you don’t want to. The thing is if you start very big, you’ll burnout and then it will become a cycle. I start too much; it gets too much. So yes, find what works for you, be open to trying new things, be ‘moldable’, think of what won’t feel too much on days you’re feeling low and most importantly, pray that Allah makes it easy for you.

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